Corporate meetings and training sessions often require greater media use of interactive communication and visual content such as videoconferencing, slides, images, and videos.

Easy access to organization’s live and stored visual content with the ability to display multiple sources simultaneously, is critical to efficient meetings and discussions, locally or in remote locations. Therefore, an effective strategy relies on selecting the right content delivery channels.

With such a variety of content, employees would benefit from a singular platform that has the ability to capture multiple video sources both directly attached or via IP network and display on large multi-display wall.

NVU’s portfolio of video capture and streaming solutions helps enterprises collaborate and connect with their employees, customers or partners with live or on-demand video distributed within a private network or over the Internet.


NVU’s video wall processor with Wall Brix Enterprise software brings content and visual information from multiple enterprise sources or meeting participants (BYOD) into a multi-display, large format, shared digital workspace accessible to those inside a Mezzanine conference room, connected from another Mezzanine room, or working remotely from a variety of devices including laptops, tablets and smart phones.