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The sections that follow briefly address portfolio and platform selection considerations associated with different models.

Product selection table
VISTA2020 Arena4706 Concert41 Colact22
Size 4U 4U Compact NUC
No. of slots 11 7 2 1
Max. no. of display 48 / upgradable to 120 12 6 2 x FHD/UHD
Max. no. of HDMI 48 / upgradable to 104 12 4 2
Max. no. of Composite 112 / upgradable to 416 96 16 -
Expansion option Yes No No No
Processor 2*XEON Scalable 1*XEON E5 1*i7 i7
Application WallBrix WallBrix WallBrix WallBrix
Dual redundant PS Yes No No No
Video over IP Yes Yes Yes Yes
RAID option Yes Yes No No
DDR memory 64/96 GB 16 GB 4-16 GB 8 GB
Remote PC view Yes Yes Yes Yes
Remote client / toolbar option Yes Yes Yes Yes
2 Way streaming Yes Yes Yes Yes