Why should organization consider a Video Wall Today?

Holistic critical information

Using a large display wall, your organization’s control centers will be able to fully leverage the value of dynamic visual information of various key operational systems by displaying all critical data such as Industrial Process Flows, Surveillance Cameras etc. and demonstrate full monitoring and control abilities across multiple sites and operations.

Centralized Analysisand

Just having your system’s visual information is not enough; the real challenge is making it useful and ultimately valuable to the organization. Visual information is only valuable if it can be natively and dynamically monitored, analyzed and controlled through the tools and applications supervisors use daily. Video wall presets enable the operators to centrally analyze dynamic information and provide fast decision making and response time.

Display your business

When someone comes to your control and monitoring Center to learn and see your vision of the future, it’s crucial that he feels as if he has walked into the most technologically advanced room. Using next generation Video Wall experience will make your visual information more valuable and impressive. Using a modern, clean and well organized Control Center environment can create a modern organization image with advanced monitoring and control capabilities. This will ensure an impression of clear vision for innovative future and maximize the impact of your visual information and content.

Reduce operational

Systems and services need to be backward- and forward-compatible in order to protect existing investments. In a Command and Control Center, visual content is created dynamically in a matter of seconds. Typically it is a collection of various types of equipment which can include legacy analog devices. The operator’s ability to obtain current and relevant information from all types of sources, and then to disseminate that information, may well determine mission success or failure. That operator’s ability to sort through large number of sources and to readily bring them forward for display, is the key part of video wall feature-set, and can save large amount of resources and response time. NVU’s all-in one video processor can extend the use of legacy equipment when needed and at the same time be provisioned to support future upgrades and new devices.