NVU Innovations helps you leverage market transition


The world of visual information is undergoing a fundamental transformation, changing the way that organizations engage with their live and stored content. With the proliferation of new devices, IP video technologies and LED displays, the challenge of centrally monitoring and controlling relevant business data across multiple screens is becoming more daunting than ever.

Up till recently, media and display processors had suffered from various penetration barriers such as, high up-front investment, limited performance and scalability along with integration complexities, therefore causing relatively long return on organization investment. These barriers resulted in lowering projects priority level and eventually prevented large scale deployments.

Two emerging technologies – high quality, 24/7 narrow bezel, professional LED LCD displays and real-time Video streaming over IP networks, have changed the landscape of the traditional AV industry by enabling the introduction of affordable video Wall solutions. New generation of flexible Video Wall processors can seamlessly and cost effectively fit into converged AV and IT networks and significantly simplify deployments at any organization domain.

NVU’s groundbreaking innovations set us apart as the leader in Videowall processors for visual information displayed in control, monitoring and collaboration rooms. With a range of powerful GPU-based platforms, solutions are used by leading communications and media brands to drive smarter decisions, enable faster actions and optimize outcomes.